Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was created to inform you about personal information’s release and its use (information that may be used to identify you as your name, address, e-mail, telephone number, etc). All these datas are given when registering to inpEV’s website.

inpEV’s website do not register personal information if you do not voluntarily provide them.

O inpEV não registra suas informações pessoais, a não ser que você as forneça voluntariamente através do cadastramento no nosso site.

Your registration details

Personal informations are used to suit inpEV’s website to your preferences and provide services in demand besides sending services information. By registering to inpEV’s website, you can choose to receive some information in your e-mail address.

InpEV will not sell you personal information to third parties as well as will not use them without your previous authorization.

About Security

InpEV utilizes technical security measures in order to protect your personal information. However, no internet data transference can be considered as totally secure.

As consequence, inpEV, its partner’s companies, collaborating associates, service’s providers and its respective employees can not guarantee your registration details to be out of hacker’s invasion.

Especial terms used in this document

  • E-mail: electronic message mail send through internet to world wide computer’s net.
  • It consists in an internet’s page conjunct that can be accessed through a unique electronic address.

In this Privacy Policy, site is referred to inpEV’s website.