Who We Are

How inpEV was created and its objectives

InpEV (National Institute for Processing Empty Packages) is a non-profit organization created by crop protection manufacturers for the purpose of promoting the correct disposal of empty packaging of their products. Its headquarters are in São Paulo and include the Campo Limpo System, where it acts as the intelligence center and is responsible for coordinating all packaging reverse logistics operations across the country.

inpEV was founded in December 2001 and started its operations in March 2002. Its creation meets the requirements of Federal Law Nr. 9.974/00, which established the principles for managing and properly disposing of empty crop protection packages based on the responsibilities shared amongst agricultural production agents – farmers, distribution channels and cooperatives, industry and government.

With constant mobilization and engagement of each one of these agents and society in general, inpEV has helped Brazil become a world reference in the reverse logistics of empty crop protection packaging. Due to the actions of the Campo Limpo System, around 94% of primary plastic packages (those in direct contact with the product) and 80% of the total product packages sold annually receive proper post-consumption destination. No country in the world has such a broad coverage.

InpEV is formed by more than 100 crop protection manufacturers and bodies representing the sector.