Commitment to Sustainability

InpEV’s contribution to generate shared value and reduce impacts

The focus on sustainability is at the heart of inpEV’s activities. By guaranteeing swiftness, safety and efficiency when processing empty crop protection packaging by means of the Campo Limpo System, the Institute collaborates directly with the reduction of potential risks and real impacts related to the incorrect destination of the material and contributes to environmental conservation. In addition, the existence of the System contributes to the saving of natural resources.

Packaging recycling results in direct environmental benefits such as reduction of solid waste generation and the resulting avoidance of greenhouse gases, besides avoiding the energy to manufacture new products.

By means of systematic educational work, the Institute increases awareness among several specific audiences and promotes social mobilization, pillars to promote the responsible management of environmental risks. The National Clean Field Day, activities alone impact around 70,000 people each year.

inpEV also seeks to minimize the System’s operational impacts by continuously seeking to increase productivity of its logistic operations. Environmental performance of the receiving units it owns is periodically monitored.

Internally, inpEV invests in managing its professionals in alignment with good development and enhancement practices. In the relationship with recycling companies, it drives the economy and strengthens the recycling sector.