National Clean Field Day

Event background and objectives, information about how the community can participate and data from the most recent edition

The National Clean Field Day (NCFD) is celebrated annually on August 18. This date is part of the National Calendar since 2008 and was created by inpEV with the purpose of recognizing the participation of different agents – producers, retail channels and cooperatives, manufacturing industry and the public power – of the reverse logistics of empty crop protection packaging in Brazil and celebrates the results achieved with this joint effort.

To mark this date, offer greater visibility to the topic and reinforce community awareness, the Institute promotes a series of events annually. These are community actions, school competitions, lectures at universities and meetings with local authorities, among other initiatives, held in the surroundings of the receiving units, which stimulate the local community to reflect on the importance of conserving the environment and the role they can take on in this effort.

The main celebration activities are:

Open Doors: public visitation day to the empty packaging receiving stations, which takes place simultaneously at all central stations. The purpose is to present information on how the unit works and its role in the Campo Limpo System.

University NCFD: set of lectures, workshops and activities at universities and technical schools on subjects related to preserving the environment and activities of the System.

NCFD Field Day: an initiative aimed at farmers having a commemorative nature.

Community Action: it focuses on promoting environmental improvements in the city or community by means of activities such as cleaning or providing maintenance to public squares or streets, cleaning river banks, planting gardens in public locations, creating seedling greenhouses, and information on segregated garbage collection in the city, among others.

NCFD Solemnity: events held to honor or receive authorities.

NCFD in School: : one of the actions aimed at the school community. The activities are facilitated by school teachers and are intended to promote environmental awareness in students. It is integrated with the DNCL Competition initiative in Schools.