Campo Limpo System

Producers, manufacturing industries, distribution channels and governament develop coordinated and complementary actions within the Campo Limpo System, a global reference system for the reverse logistics of empty crop protection packaging.

To learn about this System, browse through:

  • About the System: background, performance context and representativeness of the Campo Limpo System;
  • The Campo Limpo System in Numbers: up-to-date performance and System impact data;
  • Roles and Responsibilities: legal duties of the various links comprising the Campo Limpo System and complete flow diagram of the packaging reverse logistics;
  • System Funding: activities of the different chain links and the quest towards economic self-sufficiency in logistical activities;
  • National Clean Field Day: event background and objectives, information about how the community can participate and data from the most recent edition;
  • Restricted area: content access restricted to inpEV members and receiving units.